Creating online accounts

Accessing classes in our online course system requires each student to have a login (online account) to this system.

We recommend that students register themselves for a new online account and select a username and an active email address which will receive all class activity updates.

We recommend that a parent also register for a course account separately.  Parent accounts are able to monitor one or more student's progress (grades) during the course.  Once the parent account is created, please self-enroll in the Axis Academy Information course and send a message to the instructor requesting access to your student's profile.

NOTE: You will have to log out if you are current logged in as the student in order to create a new parent account.

If you would like a free parent-monitored private email address for your student, please email and one will be assigned to your student.  Once you register for any paid class, you will receive instructions on how to access this student email account.

Register for a new account here!

Enroll in our Information Course to access additional information.
Last modified: Monday, May 4, 2020, 3:49 PM